Friday, April 27, 2018


Time is of the essence
don’t you know-
it flitters and glitters around
making you think
there is plenty abound..
TIME is of the essence
it runs and spills
with no worry no woe,
till one day you know -
TIME is of the ESSENCE..
live for today a cliché you might say,
yet when you live for tomorrow-
time was of the essence, and
it flitters away till tomorrow
is no longer
 a day...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This started out as a class project, write a short poem entitled "things I like".. well I couldn't resist trying it out myself..although it has been edited..

things I like

the smell of the sea
as we
listen to the waves
hot coffee on a cold winter's day
a baby laughs
the last piece of chocolate
with the 
wind in the trees

Friday, November 27, 2015

time will tell

when you are young time never moves,
it often d r a g s its feet
you find yourself glancing at the clock...tick.......tock.....t..i..c..k
but as you get older time seems to move
on a pair of wings..flying  faster and higher...
and before you can think or blink...
the years have passed..where did they go..
yet I do not begrudge the fact that time has flown
for with it I know that I have grown,
grown into who I am and all I know,
I have to thank- TIME...for in its wisdom and through it all..
will tell me all...

Saturday, November 07, 2015

night sky

The night holds no fear,
                                           crisp air,                                                                bristling leaves..
                                                                                      being held
                                                                                                              by you...

enough for today

In my present state I have to say..

love me, for who I am
remember me for who I was
and never forget to be who you really are..

life is too short for ifs and buts..
live your life today
for soon it may be taken away...
then you will see -
nothing is as bad as it may have seemed...

I love you for what you are and
what we do today-

is more then enough for yesterday...

Thursday, February 05, 2015


five years today my love,
five years since we first met.
could we have guessed what was to come..
five years of no regrets..a beautiful girl, a loving man,
oh time did fly...and here we are
five years today my love.
who knows what's to come in the next 5 + 5
but if I'm with you my love..what's 5+5+5.............

Saturday, June 28, 2014

the wind blows

blow wind blow
the heavens have opened  their doors
the trees shiver
 yet i hover-
 heedless at the door,
 neither in nor out..
blow wind blow 
 whilst i remain an entity no more...

a little luck

Hello world it's me again..a lot has happened since I last wrote, to summarize I live in the Czech Rep. and am happily married with a 2.5 year old daughter..Edi. thanks in part to her, today I have found for the first time in my life, a four leaf clover. Although to many of you this might not be such a strange phenomenon to me, it signifies a change in fortune..perhaps this is only mental, but at times this is needed as well..I am too settled and happy " to wander" like in my olden days..but I must admit I had been feeling a bit stagnant, being home with Edi is a joy and a luxury-but your brain and your patience are thinly used. So in part to the four leaf clover and in larger part to her having to gone to bed early, here I am again. Unfortunately, all that I had complained about in the past about the growing religious movement in Istanbul has come to pass in full force. I am saddened and in part afraid to see what has happened to a city which is dear to me. We will be visiting this summer for a few days, but with the volatile situation I'm nervous to wander too far..looking forward to some sea and sun..I am lucky enough to have a few students, and always in trying to explain my past life, it sounds slightly bizarre..

My life is not linear,
so do not try to presume a straight path.
it folds and turns upon itself,
at times leading no where, at times afloat.
in search of answers to questions, un asked
yet known..
how did i get here- in the end,
i cannot say,
the path one travels is a journey-
to the end of what,
who knows..
but I am grateful for the journey
for it lets me

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Why I don't know

but the urge to write has returned. I have found the balance between writing and feeling good. For a long time this blog was my outlet, my companion, a way to vent my frustration on the world and its injustices..yet now I have found a real outlet for this, a good friend, who I can talk to and I lost the urge to write, poetical or likewise..yet today, the urge is back..perhaps some balance has been found..we shall see..

inside my mind..

look at me
screams my mind
at peace
the world is clear..
though I know not why
life is good,
we live we laugh we die
life's not complicated
we are complicated..
when we choose
to be-
not who we are
but what we think to be...
in a world unclear
my world is clear..